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A little bit about us

We are a company started by a mum with a passion for children, safe adventures, exploring the world and wanting to help others keep their children safe and happy.

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 The very simple idea came about on a beach holiday with friends.There we all were on a very busy beach with our young children, watching them all having fun and running up and down to the sea collecting buckets of water for their ever-disappearing moat! It was incredibly busy and it only seemed to take a second and one of them would be off out of our sight. Frantic and stressful to say the least!!

It occurred to me that it would be so much more relaxing and safer if there was a way we could be easily reunited with our little explorers should they actually disappear into the crowd. From this one moment came the idea of a simple waterproof wristband that we could write their names and our mobile phone numbers on. Something that they would be happy to wear on their wrist. Let's face it most people are good and if faced with a lost and upset child who happened to have an ID wristband on would phone the number and help the lost child back to their parent.  



Is to provide fun, colourful and good quality wristbands to families to help them keep their kids safer and give them more peace of mind when out and about on their travels and adventures. We want to get as many carers, children's groups, clubs, schools and organisations to use ID bands as a way of keeping the children in their care as safe as possible when out and about. We want to spread the word, get them in shops and on counters and help keep kids a little safer and give parents peace of mind. 




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