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Child ID wristbands
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Convenient packs of child Fun-ID wristbands

A useful collection of fun single-use child safety wristbands.

Never get caught out & keep kids safer when out & about...

Keep these handy packs of child ID wristbands around for day trips out with children. Use these when out on your travels to the park, the zoo, shopping centre or anywhere that you These single use child ID wristbands are light, strong and will not rip or tear off. Just write the child's name, your phone number inside and any important allergy information. If the child is lost they can be identified and be reunited with you or their safe adult group easily.

Enjoy mixing and matching our 10 fun designs and quantities to suit your requirements. And more importantly enjoy the peace of mind knowing your children have important information on them should they get lost. These are perfect for younger children as they cannot be pulled or ripped off by a child. 

Pop them on your child's wrist at the adventure playground, zoo, leisure park, party or wherever else your adventures may take you. Really useful to have around for your own children and for when you have more than a few extras to keep your eyes on!

    Remember to use a permanent marker to write your info inside...let it dry for a few minutes before securing onto your child's wrist and enjoy your adventures!

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