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Kids ID wristbands
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Reusable Eco-ID wristbands for your kids

Keep kids safer when out on your travels and adventures...

Have you ever lost a child? That terrifying feeling that washes through you when your child has wandered off and disappeared. There is a way to make that whole experience less traumatic and help your child to help themselves find their way back to you. A child id wristband is a simple solution to this frightening situation.

Kids love these cool Eco-ID bands and they are a great way to keep your kids that little bit safer when out and about. They are light, waterproof, comfy and eco-friendly too.

Just write your child's name, your mobile phone number, allergy info or anything you feel may be useful on the info card that tucks into the inside of the wristband. If your child becomes lost they can ask an adult to call you and find their way back to you. The Eco-ID can be used again and again for peace of mind on your travels.

 Product benefits:

  • Reusable: can be used again and again, made from durable but comfortable material
  • Waterproof: both the band and card insert are waterproof so can be used when swimming
  • Info card: can be used to indicate names, numbers, allergies, hotel or group information.
  • Funky colours: the eco-ID id's vibrant fun colours and designs that your kids will love to wear out and about.
  • Size: versatile velcro wrap design, suitable for children up to the age of 10

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