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Kids ID wristbands
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Bulk-buy Eco-ID wristbands

Keep the children in your care safer on trips and when out and about.

Ease the stress of group outings and invest in a pack of these ID wristbands to help keep the children in your care safer when out on trips.

Just write the details and phone number of your group leader or setting on the ID strip and give one to each child. If a child wanders off they can be easily reunited back to your group safely.

Product benefits:

  • Reusable: can be used again and again, made from durable but comfortable material
  • Waterproof: both the band and card insert are waterproof so can be used when swimming
  • Info card: can be used to indicate names, numbers, allergies, hotel or group information.
  • Funky colours: the eco-ID id's vibrant fun colours and designs that your kids will love to wear out and about.
  • Size: versatile velcro wrap design, suitable for children up to the age of 10

In your package you will receive:

  • Your Eco-ID wristbands in your colour choice
  • 1  x  identification cards per eco-ID band (extras available to buy )

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