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Why use a child ID wristband?

child ID wristbands Kids ID wristbands

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It's the kind thing that we never think is going to happen to us, losing a child!

All it takes is those few seconds when we take our attention away from our little darlings. Maybe we have bumped into a friend in the supermarket who we haven't seen for a while and stop for a quick chat, before you know it little Max is off out of sight. Maybe we are in the park feeding another one our little bundles of joy and lose eyes on our other little ball of energy. It can happen anywhere to be honest, let's face it parenting and keeping our kids as safe as possible can be a logistical nightmare at times.

Having experienced that feeling of cold sheer panic myself I completely understand that it is not a situation us parents really want to ever find ourselves in. We would all like to think that if one of our kids ever did go wandering off that a kind mummy or daddy would steer them safely back to us, but how can they if your child has no identification on them? I have the kind of children that love exploring so keeping tabs on them is something I have done a fair bit of thinking about. 

Enter the child safety wrist strap, such a simple solution that can give you that extra peace of mind when you are out on your adventures with your little explorers. If they do go wandering off at least that sheer panic can be somewhat reduced by knowing that your phone number and details are securely tucked away in their wrist. They can be re-united with you much more easily.

So Simple, so affordable and necessary for peace of mind!!!

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