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Child ID wristbands
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Tyvek colour child ID wristbands

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Why use a kids ID wristband?

Are you organising an indoor or outdoor event where children will be attending?

Are you looking for a simple and cost-effective identification solution to keep children safer?

Consider using our child ID wristbands to keep kids safer..

This is our speciality here at Kiddsafe and we are committed to providing good quality child ID wristbands that can be used by anyone anywhere.

Wholesale orders are made easy here, just pick your colour, design and quantity. We will have them printed as soon as we receive your order and get them in the post on their way to you within 36 hours. 

It is very easy for a child to become lost especially in busy places, parents are always grateful to be able to pop their phone-number on one of our wristbands in the knowledge that their child can be easily reunited with them should they wander off unexpectedly. Just think how difficult this would be without a phone number to hand (or on wrist!).

  • In the UK, a child is reported missing every 3 minutes and we need to be doing more to safeguard our children

  • A child id wristband is a simple solution for helping to keep your kids a little safer when out and about

  • If your child becomes lost your phone number and any important details are stored inside, enabling another adult to help reunite you with your child

Where to use and help keep your kids safe...                                  

  • Busy shopping malls, city visits, train journeys

  • Festivals, zoo's, theme parks, adventure playgrounds

  • Play-dates, parties, outdoor events, festivals

  • Holidays, travel, airports

  • School trips, group outings

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